Jewelry Tools & Machinery

We are major supplier of Jewelry Tools & Machinery in Malaysia & Singapore, Also deal with Jewelry Boxes & Zircon Stones


Fiber laser machine has various application in jeweler manufacturing such as text engraving , design engraving , sheet cut out and 916 marking

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Wide Range of Jewelry Tools

Cutters, Pliers, Drill Bits, Engraving Tools, Diamond setting Tools, Doming Tools, Files & other Tools Available in our store

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Chain Machine


Semi Automatic Machine capable of producing curb, anchor and other design chain for jewelry shops

Roll Mill Machine

Roll Mill capable of manufacturing goldsmith grade precision wire and sheet also equipped with design collet 

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We provide wide range of Wire & Sheet Roll Mill Machines Suitable for high precision and large volume production of jewelry.

High Precision Rolls

Side Collet Attachment

Roll Mills

XRF Gold Testing Machine

XRF gold analysis is a nondestructive testing method of materials to determine gold precentage. This process is suited to a range of applications, including mining, jewelry testing, and gold measurement.

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Jewelry CNC Machine

we specialize in jewelry engraving CNC machine suitable for production of unique jewelry pieces.
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Wire Draw Machine

Wire Draw Machine with high torque and speed control capable of reducing diameter of wire up to 0.2mm

Jewelry 3D Printer

We provide training, equipment, machine & software for 3d printing jewelry

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Other Products

Custom Jewelry Die

We provide custom jewelry emboss die , cutting die , coin die and brand stamp.

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